Who are we?

A textile product design house with a significant manufacturing capability ProActive Alchemy’s journey began some 16 years ago in 2005 with a focus on medical textile solutions aimed at Tuberculosis. However, the Listeriosis outbreak in 2017 proved to be a significant catalyst for growth for Kenny Tennant, Founder and CEO.

Why is our fabric so special?

ProActive has developed South Africa’s first Antiviral fabric that is both lint free and and anti-microbial. As soon as infected droplets lands on our fabric or products; which are impregnated with our virus destroying technology; the outer wall of the coronavirus is destroyed, rendering it useless. Significantly reducing the chances of infection and cross contamination.


Antiviral certification is without precedent in South Africa and required a pioneering effort from many stakeholders including local laboratory technicians.

Why is Anti-Viral fabric so important?

Killing pathogens on contact means they cannot infect and cannot mutate, so not only do we mitigate contact-based transmission, we mitigate the likelihood of variants developing.

The wearable technology effectively acts as a self-sanitising eco-system, continuously neutralising infected droplets as they land. With strength in numbers, it is possible to create a community-shielding effect.

Consider that traditional face coverings could become contagious surfaces by collecting microbes through use and adding to a pervasive problem.

What do we offer?

Premium safety and peace of mind.
ProActive Alchemy fabric actively kills Covid and other pathogens. Our product range therefore represents a significant shift; a fight back as opposed to merely defending oneself.
Because we are 100% South African made, our product need not just be available for the medical industry and ‘big business’. We are all in this together after all.

Our Founders

Kenny Tennant

Founder & CEO

Carin Bartz

Founder & Production Director

Keith Dodd

Founder & Operations Director


We engaged various Institutions both in the textile field as well as the Virology field.
Intensive laboratory tests were done in controlled environments by SANAS accredited laboratory technicians applying viruses, microbes and bacteria to both treated and untreated(control) fabrics.

Our products are tested to 60 wash cycles. That’s not to say it won’t last much longer if not washed daily but we are only allowed to advertise/market it as 60 washes. Important to note our special formula is reactivated (60 times minimum) when exposed to heat such as a hot wash, tumble dry and even direct sunlight. Safe for autoclave use as well.

Typically, all Covid influenced product requests we receive must be solved by a custom solution. Every business or personal environ is unique and requires a bespoke product. Our Antiviral, lint free fabric technology remains a constant however.
Please contact us directly to begin your journey