Did you know our fabric also kills Covid?

By way of example, an airborne Covid droplet lands on your ProActive Alchemy mask or garment. Coming into contact with our Certified chemical formula which reacts and renders the pathogen inactive as its cell wall begins to degenerate. This prevents both transmission to you and cross contamination to others and your immediate environment.

Did you know about lint?

Polycotton and polyviscose fabrics are not lint free and should be avoided when producing medical grade products. Lint is microscopic fibers to which pathogens and microbes adhere. Contaminated lint is easily transmitted and one of the highest factors causing cross contamination. As such, ProActive Alchemy’s products are lint free.

Did you know the planet is desperate for re-usable PPE?

Bloomberg reported earlier this year that China exported 224 billion single-use masks in 2020. That is nearly 30 masks per person on the planet. When humanity has overcome this pandemic and we begin to reflect and count the true cost of single use medical waste on the environment, both ProActive Alchemy’s re-usable products and our partners will be on the right side of history.

Did you know the difference between...?

ProActive Alchemy’s Certified fabric has been developed with both Antiviral and Antibacterial properties. The difference on a biological level is: Bacteria are free living cells that can live inside or outside a host body while viruses are a non-living collection of molecules that need a host to survive. Bacteria is responsible for such diseases as Listeriosis and Tuberculosis. As such, it is critical at this time that we offer protection from both Viruses and Bacteria